Soapbox Gypsy - About Us

Soapbox Gypsy is a call to speak when you have something to say and to roam the earth as you please.

Live, Move…Be

Soapbox Gypsy brings to you it’s Americana inspired brand. Straight out of Washington D.C. our culture of barbershops, old school tattoo parlors, spirits & motorcycles resonates a heritage of liberty & adventure.

The idea for Soapbox Gypsy has been rattling around since 2008. I finally had the opportunity in 2012 to take an important step towards my dream of opening a barbershop. I started selling our Bay Rum Aftershave on Etsy. The reception was amazing! I was even approached by Urban Outfitters, which was very unexpected, as Soapbox Gypsy is my first business adventure. With the idea always being I would have a full line of handmade, small batch mens grooming products for the barbershop, I started expanding the product line. Next, I rolled out a Beard Oil, then Pomade and never looked back. Now we have over ten products! An unforeseen appreciation for our promotional t-shirts created an opportunity to launch a line of apparel. Growing up being a streetwear fan of companies such as Stussy, Vans and Supreme, I did not hesitate at the chance to get into the clothing game.

I’ve learned a lot along the way and look forward to all the lessons still to come!

Thank you all for your support and patronage! Every purchase brings me one step closer to the goal of opening the doors of The Soapbox Gypsy Barbershop….