Design with Purpose what is designing with purpose

What does this mean? After many years working on the web, I have seen that many times not much thought goes into what a website “actually does” or what its true goal is. You could say that any website is simply advertisment or there because if you dont have a website, you dont exist. I tend to think more along the lines of “if you dont know what you are saying, then why say it?”.

Designing a web project with specific goals defined prior to starting the engagement is a common practice of any good design company or agency, but many smaller outfits or consultants look at things in this manner.

A good example is this article pertaining to product design. This shows how design can have a greater purpose and give more from the design than just decoration. But this is not exactly what I am thinking or the subject I am speaking about.

A very good example as it relates to the web & meaningful content is this quote from Jeffory Zeldman. Content proceeds design.

Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.

Bottom line, I think that when entering on a design project that the objective is the greatest area of opportunity for business growth. Try not to think about what pages need to be designed, or what colors or photos to use, instead think about what results you want to achieve with the performance of users, visibility, sales &  user engagement.

Chris MacDonaldChristopher MacDonald 

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