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The Glendale Tap

Eric Macom

The Glendale Tap

By Eric Macom, January 2016, Los Angeles, Ca

Bars are tricky places, there’s one on every corner in every town anywhere in the world. If you enjoy spending time in a bar as recreation like I do then you would think it would be easy to find one that fits you. The problem with so many bars is the natural issue of quantity over quality. When the average bar fly will be content with any swill put in front of them quantity will always win out. Now I’m know expert by any means, I clearly fall into the “I may not know art, but I know what I like” category. What I do know is that I love drinking quality beer and I love to drink it in a quality bar


Like every major city LA has no shortage of shitty, swill-serving spots but it also has a fair share of great spots. In this writers humble opinion The Glendale Tap is the best this city has to offer. Located in the Glendale wasteland of Armenian autorepair shops, cheap furniture stores and shitty take out spots The Tap is miles away from the hipster/PBR joints of Silver Lake and Hollywood.


Situated in a low-key corner building with 2 neon beer signs and a small sign with the name over the door, this isn’t the place that you just wander into looking for a Bud Light. As a matter of fact if you didn’t know they were there you would never see it, and that’s exactly what they want. They serve quality beer without pretension to those who appreciate it. If your’e not a beer drinker, don’t bother coming in. There is no wine list, no cocktails with frat boy names (Redheaded Slut, etc), no piss-water-beer and no food. With a rotation of 40 plus taps there is something for every discerning beer enthusiast. Unlike a LOT of bars in California they don’t just focus on one style of beer. The west coast is very IPA heavy so most bars have a high focus on IPAs. Now I’m not an IPA person so I tend to find my choices limited at times, but never at The Tap. They cover all bases from IPAs, stouts, porters, sours and everything in between. They keep a good focus on local breweries, but always have a solid selection of imports as well. The offer smaller pours if you want to be able to sample the selection and they never over-price.

The Glendale Tap also doesn’t cater to the typical LA crowd who demand some sort of gimmick. There are bars that are designed like a video store’s adult section, section, a bar that you have to figure out which doorknob to turn to get in, a camping lodge, and dozens of others. The Tap has a bar, a few tables and 2 pool tables. The focus is the beer, and only the beer. Last but not least are the 2 TVs, one runs vintage cartoons and the other runs all types of vintage programs. I watched Buck Rogers in the 25th Century for 3 hours one night.

So with all this being said if you live in LA and love beer then The Glendale Tap is the place for you. Oh, and you can also order your favorite take-out food and have it delivered straight to the bar. Who needs anything else?

The Glendale Tap
4227 San Fernando Rd
Glendale CA 91204